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509 Anti-Fog Goggle Fan

509 Anti-Fog Goggle Fan

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Do you ever find yourself stopping mid ride to wipe the fog away from the inside of you goggles? 509's Anti-fog Goggle Fan will convert any 509 goggle into a crystal clear fogless vision. Designed to be light and discreet, allowing you to focus on the important stuff. 

509's Anti-fog Goggle Fan is sleek and quite making it easy to attach to your goggles and keep them fog free all day long.

Forget the fog and focus on the important stuff with the 509 Anti-fog Goggle Fan.


  • Does not fit Kingpin or Aviator 2.0 Goggles

  • Bolts into the top of the goggles

  • Easy on/off switch with auto mode and constant mode